IFRS News May 2017

Our latest IFRS News contains some information about
solving carve-outs, IFRS 8 ED, demistifying IFRS 9 for corporates,
IFRIC rejections, the leases lab and more.

Solving the mystery of carve-out
financial statements

Rich Jones, divestment specialist, explains what carve-out financial statements are and what they may be used for.

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The Leases Lab

The lease term is key when calculating the lease liability. Professor Lee Singh and his assistant Holger Meurer explore how to determine the lease term. Let’s experiment!

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Proposed tweak to IFRS 8,
Operating Segments

Joanna Demetriou provides the latest from the standard setter – the IFRS 8 Exposure Draft.

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Scene 2, Take 1: Demistifying IFRS 9 for Corporates: Intra-Group loans

Nitassha Somai, Financial instruments expert, works through one of the biggest impacts of IFRS 9 on corporates – Intragroup loans.

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IFRIC Rejections Supplement – IAS 34

Looking for an answer? Maybe it was already addressed by the experts.

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The IFRS 15 Mole

PwC revenue specialists and the IFRS 15 Mole investigate how to identify a principal or an agent in a revenue transaction.

Suspects: Accounting for variable consideration.
Incident description: It can be difficult to determine revenue when the amount of consideration due from a customer is dependent on the outcome of a future event. Examples include:

  • contracts with early completion bonuses in the construction industry or;
  • volume related discounts or rebates.

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Cannon Street Press

  • Definition of a business exposure draft (ED)
  • Fees included in the ’10 per cent’ test
  • Amendments to IAS 19 and IFRIC 14
  • Amendments to IFRS 3 and IFRS 11 – previously held interests in joint operations

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Read the latest issue on IFRS News from April 2017

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In brief – A look at current
financial reporting issues

  • FASB clarifies share-based payment
    modification guidance:

    PwC In brief US2017-13
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  • FASB changes made to premium
    amortization period on callable
    debt securities:
    PwC In brief US2017-12
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  • Brexit – income tax accounting
    PwC In brief US2017-11
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