IFRS News June 2017

Our latest IFRS News contains some information about
IFRS 17, the leases lab, demistifying IFRS 9 for corporates, IFRIC rejections and more.

20 years in the making: IFRS 17 has
finally been issued.

Gail Tucker, Global Insurance Accounting leader, walks through the main elements of the new standards.

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The Leases Lab

IFRS 16 brings significant changes to accounting for lessees, but what about lessors? Can Professor Lee Singh and his assistant Derek Carmichael help you separate the truth from the fiction? Let’s experiment!

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Scene 3, Take 1: Demistifying IFRS 9 for corporates: Good news for
financial liabilities

Nitassha Somai, Financial Instruments expert, works through one of the biggest impacts of IFRS 9 on corporates.

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IFRIC Rejections Supplement – IAS 36

Paul Shepherd of Accounting Consulting Services examines the practical implications of IFRIC rejections (NIFRICs) related to IAS 36.

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The IFRS 15 Mole

PwC revenue specialists investigate how to account for warranties under IFRS 15.

Suspects: Warranties – are they distinct?
Incident description: Sellers often provide customers with warranties, a type of guarantee that the seller will replace or repair a product that becomes defective within a particular time period. The nature and terms of such agreements vary across entities, industries, products and/or contracts.

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Cannon Street Press

  • IFRIC Interpretation Ratification
  • Amendments to IAS 28 – Long-term interests in associates and joint ventures
  • Research projects: Goodwill and impairment

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Read the latest issue on IFRS News from May 2017

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In brief – A look at current
financial reporting issues

  • FASB to permit adoption of new hedging guidance
    at issuance, expected in Q3:

    PwC In brief US2017-17
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  • PCAOB issues proposals on auditing estimates
    and using specialists:
    PwC In brief US2017-16
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  • PCAOB adopts new standard enhancing
    auditor reporting:
    PwC In brief US2017-15
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He has been the lead partner on a number of major international groups based in the Romandie, and is the leader of our ACS practice (1998-2010, 2014 -*).