Webinar “Complying with IFRS 16 Leases”

Join Nakisa, SAP and PwC for another webinar in the 2016 Strategic CFO Webinar Series entitled “Complying with IFRS 16 Leases” on Wednesday 25th May at 14.00 BST/15.00 CEST to hear about the implications of this topic in a pragmatic way and more.

By January 2019 latest, virtually all leases will have to be recognized on companies’ balance sheets and compliance is mandatory. The new standard brings much needed transparency for investors and others. But what does it mean for companies? What will the impact be on financial operations and how will it affect financial systems?

Join the webinar where you will gain an understanding of:

  • The key changes and implementation challenges for finance and beyond
  • Best practice guidelines for achieving compliance
  • How SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa and SAP Real Estate Management Application support the new regulations
  • How these enable lease-heavy companies to improve efficiencies

The new IASB/FASB regulations are a major change. The key to a successful and economical transition will be embedding the new requirements into your existing processes early. This webinar will give you plenty of practical ideas about how you can achieve this.

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