How banks are gearing up for PSD2

With around five months to go, banks don’t have much time left
to make sure they’re compliant with the EU’s revised Payment
Services Directive (PSD2). However, for many financial institutions,
PSD2 is more than just a compliance exercise. It will impact
banks’ strategic positioning and significantly change their risk
profile as they interact with third parties.

Since Switzerland is not a member of the EEA, PSD2 isn’t directly
applicable in this country. But given that Switzerland is a member
of SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area), in the future it will be
required to demonstrate that national rules similar to PSD2 are in
place. There will also be heavy pressure on Swiss banks from the
client side to open up their architecture vis-à-vis third parties.

PwC’s PSD2 team recently conducted a study across the Swiss and
European markets on banks’ readiness to tackle the new rules.
The survey ran from February to June this year, and 38 large
banks responded. The objective was to understand how much
progress regulators in each state had made in terms of transposing
PSD2 into national regulation, the state of play for banks in
relation to implementing PSD2, what opportunities banks felt
PSD2 offered them, and the impact that open data might have on
banks’ systems and infrastructures.

Results of Survey

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