Capital Markets 2020: Will it change for good?

We believe that capital markets in 2020 will look very different than they do today. Based on Capital marketsfeedback from clients, many have gloomily predicted a shrinking capital markets landscape, overregulation and the fall of traditionally powerful financial centres such as London and New York. However, we have a different vision for 2020 – one of a new equilibrium. This new equilibrium consists of a traditional financial axis of power further solidifying their positions at the top and the world seeking stability and predictability in the context of riskier and more uncertain geopolitical situations. In addition, much of the landscape where financial institutions operate will change significantly. This change will come from economic and government policies, innovation, operational restructuring, technology, from smarter and more demanding clients, companies harnessing powerful data and from continued growth of the shadow banking system.

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Thomas Romer

Thomas Romer

Thomas Romer
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Thomas Romer is Partner in the Financial Services practice of the Swiss firm and leads the banking sector in Switzerland. He is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (eidg. dipl. Wirtschaftsprüfer) and has completed the Program for Executive Development at the IMD in Lausanne.

Thomas Romer has over 20 years experience in serving clients in the financial services industry. He is also a member of the board and president of the Financial Markets Chapter of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants