The audit committee

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A practical guide for audit committee members on the requirements and responsibilities of the audit committee.

In this publication, we summarise the current legal, regulatory and de facto provisions as well as the daily routine of the audit committee. In the process, we shine a light on a variety of aspects concerning the audit committee in all of the economic sectors relevant to Switzerland, from industrial undertakings to financial institutions.

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The audit committee

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Leader of the Assurance service line

Alex Astolfi is a partner, leader of the Assurance line of service and a member of the Management Board of PwC Switzerland.

Alex Astolfi, a certified accountant (USA) and bank auditor (FINMA), has 22 years of experience in the banking and financial industry, including two years in the United States. He specializes in assurance and consultancy services for domestic and international banks, investment companies and family offices, also in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He became a partner in 2003 and has headed the Banking Industry Sector in Switzerland since 2012.