Process Intelligence: better control, better performance, better processes

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Be it for procurement, for sales or for insurance claim approvals, processes drive the main cycles in your company. There is, however, often a gap between how processes are intended to be and what they are in reality. Identifying and understanding these gaps is imperative to boosting your operational effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring quality and compliance, standardising workflows, as well as detecting anomalies or fraud.

PwC’s Process Intelligence analyses the data from your IT systems and makes them fully transparent for you. Curious to understand the main propositions and added value of Process Intelligence?

Check out our video, the related blog post and the technical demos in English and French.



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Rafael Accorsi

Rafael Accorsi

Dr. Rafael Accorsi
Birchstrasse 160
8050 Zürich
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Rafael Accorsi is a specialist in the Data Analytics & Modelling practice in Switzerland. He is responsible for leading and developing the Process Intelligence service, which PwC Switzerland provides to its clients.
In his previous role as Lecturer at the University of Freiburg (Germany), he was responsible for developing the main algorithms and tools for Process Mining, which builds the technical core of Process Intelligence.