Public Procurement in the Health Industry

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When it comes to levels of transparency in the field of public procurement, Switzerland is proud about its positioning in international rankings. This has its reasons inter alia in the well-established processes foreseen by law in most of the relevant areas. But also this field of the law needs to keep up with constant developments and innovations in the economic world, including the increasingly broad areas in which public and private activities converge for the sake of optimizing the business environment. Precisely this is what the various legislative levels in Switzerland are envisaging for the future, and substantial changes in this field are ahead of us.

One of the developments will certainly affect the procurement processes to be observed by hospitals, both stately held and private hospitals and health institutions. Philipp do Canto, our expert lawyer in Public Law, describes in this essay a recent court case in the Canton of Zurich that reflects the developments in the field of public procurement in the health industry and deals in particular with the blurred line that distinguishes the obligations of transparency in their respective procurement practices. This is an interesting essay that might be able to give you a flavor about how things are today and into which direction they might evolve in the future.

If this is a matter of your interest, do reach out to Philipp do Canto. He will be glad to elaborate on this topic and share with you his expertise and founded predictions.

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