Brazilian interest on net equity rules remain unchanged

Brazil_IIOn 30 September 2015, the Executive Branch of the Brazilian government released a Provisional Measure 694/2015 (PM 694), which was supposed to add a new deductibility limitation for interest on net equity (INE) for Brazilian income tax and social contribution tax purposes, and which additionally sought to increase the income tax withholding rate on INE payments to non-resident shareholders.

However, due to lack of action by the Brazilian Congress to convert the provisions of PM 694 into law (in its existing form or with amendments), the PM expired as of 9 March 2016. The expiration was confirmed by a notice released by the Brazilian Senate on the same date.

Hence, as for now, the Brazilian INE rules remain unchanged. However, as it is possible that the proposed amendments will be reintroduced in a future PM, multinational companies that own Brazilian entities should continue to monitor developments related to INE payments.


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