The board: duty calls

The international tax landscape in flux: what a member of the board needs to know

This brochure is designed to help you as you steer your organisation through a complex tax landscape.

With growing calls for transparency and tax justice vying with the demands of intense tax competition, the Swiss economy and the players within it face major challenges. In this brochure we review the most important tax developments in Switzerland and internationally and summarise those we consider to be very relevant for a member of the board.

We wish you stimulating reading!

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Andreas Staubli

Andreas Staubli
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Andreas Staubli is the Managing Partner of Tax & Legal Services Switzerland. He graduated at the University of St. Gallen in Business Administration, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (lic.oec. HSG), majoring in Accounting and Finance. Additionally, he is a Swiss Certified Tax Expert.

Andreas Staubli has over 22 years experience in domestic and international corporate structuring, mergers and acquisition, financial services taxation, tax strategy & tax management, tax accounting and worldwide compliance engagements. He advises Swiss and international companies.