Greece introduces Voluntary Disclosure Programme

On 21 December 2016 a Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) for undeclared income of previous years has been introduced in Greece through Law 4446/2016 (for prior coverage please refer to our blog). The VDP applies to both individuals and legal entities and requires the filing of standard tax returns for all non-declared tax objects. The application of the VDP ensures in principle that no other administrative and/or criminal penalties would be imposed to the taxpayer regarding the tax infringements restored by the VDP.

A decision of the General Secretary of State is still required to be issued for clarifying procedural and practical matters. Please read the analytical Newsalert from PwC Athens.

PwC has a specially dedicated team of experts dealing with the above voluntary disclosure allowing for a swift and cost efficient processing.

For more details, please contact:

Dr.Marcel Widrig
PwC, Partner
Anna-Maria Widrig Giallouraki
PwC, Senior Manager
Thomas Grossen
PwC, Assistant

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