Enhanced auditor’s report: towards trust and transparency

The new auditor’s report required by Swiss legislation is designed to be more informative and insightful, and give the stakeholders of reporting entities greater assurance. We at PwC welcome the new reporting requirements as an opportunity to unlock the ‘black box ’of what we actually do as auditors and increase trust in our role.

We also realise, though, that the new reports and their potential impact on governance have to be discussed and understood – not only by the auditors who produce them, but by reporting entities and their stakeholders, from shareholders to regulators. For this reason we’ve produced a short flyer explaining the major changes and their implications, including a commented overview of the structure of the new report.

You can read the flyer via the link below. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss the new auditor’s report and its implications in more detail.

Download flyer


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Joanne Burgener

Joanne Burgener

Joanne Burgener
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Joanne Burgener is an Assurance Partner and member of our Swiss Oversight Board. She has more then 20 years of experience in auditing clients from various industries (chemical, life science, industrial products). Since 2015, she also chairs the roll-out of the new audit opinion model in Switzerland. Moreover, she heads our Inclusion & Diversity in Switzerland since 2012. In that role, she has initiated many projects such as the implementation of the diversity index, the women mentoring program, the female partner pipeline review, unconscious bias training and the GLEE network. She was a founding board member of Advance, women at work until 2016.