PwC drives digital transformation with F10 and Kickstart Accelerator start-up initiatives

PwC is best known for its work with large, established companies. But we’re also increasingly recognised as a driving force behind smaller businesses and start-ups at the cutting edge of new technology. A great example is our involvement in two exciting start-up support initiatives: F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator, and Digital Switzerland’s Kickstart Accelerator.

F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator is dedicated for young fintech, regtech and insuretech players to develop into profitable companies by transforming their prototypes into valuable products. F10 is highly respected for it networks these start-ups with established mentor companies in the finance, insurance and professional services industries – including PwC as a founding member. Recent success stories in which we’ve been involved include a start-up developing chatbots for financial services ( . The F10 accelerator revolves around five workshops on key areas of start-up development: vision, team and strategy; business, product and technology; marketing and sales; legal, regulations and funding; demo day and graduation. For the applicants chosen to participate, F10 is completely free of charge, and takes no equity.

Check out our video:

Kickstart Accelerator is also rapidly gaining traction as one of Europe’s leading multi-corporate, zero-equity technology accelerators. Initiated by digitalswitzerland it offers an eleven-week acceleration programme for successful applicants with a promising prototype within five verticals: FinTech, Food, Robotics & Smart Systems, Smart Cities, Healthcare and EdTech – and even for start-ups with disruptive business models that don’t immediately seem to fit into any of these categories. As a global partner to Kickstart Accelerator, PwC provides mentors and experts to support programme participants.

Both accelerators have just announced the successful candidates for their latest programmes. PwC will naturally be on board. As well as being a great opportunity to contribute to the development of new start-ups, involvement in these initiatives also helps us stay up to speed on the latest markets and technologies and foster links with the people shaping the future of business and digital transformation. It is our ultimate goal to bring start-ups together with our clients and to help our clients to master the digital transformation – along our vision “From Strategy through Excecution” and in our PwC Experience Center.

What’s in for you: having hands-on access to latest trends and disruptive ideas, enabled by technology, to stimulate your client discussions.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these two exciting accelerators, or even in applying for a place on one of their programmes, check out the websites: (the video gives a good introduction) and
Or contact PwC’s experts: (F10) or (Kickstart Accelerator).

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Holger Greif ist seit 2008 Partner bei PwC Schweiz und seit 20 Jahren Management Berater. Er leitete über 5 Jahre das Management Consulting und fokussiert sich seit Juli 2016 auf die Buisness Unit „Digital Transformation“, zu welcher das PwC Experience Center für digitale Lösungen gehört. Zu seinen Projekterfahrungen gehören digitale Strategieprojekte und deren Umsetzung in verschiedenen Industrien - inkl. kultureller und organisatorischer Veränderungen. Holger Greif hat einen Doktor in Experimentalphysik von der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität.