ECIIA Conference 2017 is coming to Switzerland!

The ECIIA Conference will take place at the Congress Center Basel from Wednesday 20 September to Friday 22 September 2017.

We are proud to announce that PwC is a Gold Sponsor of the ECIIA Conference. 

Frederik Gregaard, Head of the PwC Switzerland Digital Accelerator, will present the topic: 

Re-imagining Internal Audit in a Digital Age, where digital is mainstream and humans become a scarcity

The presentation aims at demystifying emerging digital technologies and diving into what impact these will have for the internal audit function. Not only will we revisit working with unstructured data and the potential of using artificial intelligence, but also look at how several of these technologies might change the way Internal Audit will be designed in the future and how execution might look. Critical questions are:

  • If robots take over massive parts of processes, will Internal Audit be redundant?
  • If Blockchain has embedded security and makes the use of trusted 3rd parties redundant, what role does Internal Audit have?
  • Robotics are taking over monotonous day-to-day tasks in corporate life, but with NO people interference, how will the optimal design of internal controls look?
  • How do you audit the processes of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence?

Come see us at the ECIIA and find out the answer to these questions and more.

Where: ECIIA Conference, Congress Center Basel, Room “Singapore”
When: September 21, 2017
Time: 12:20 – 12:50


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Frederik Gregaard
Head of the PwC Switzerland Digital Accelerator
+41 58 792 2481

Richard Thomas

Partner and Territory Leader Internal Audit, PwC Switzerland
+41 58 792 2782

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Frederik Gregaard

Frederik Gregaard

Frederik Gregaard
Birchstrasse 160
Postfach, 8050 Zürich
+41 58 792 2481

Frederik Gregaard is the Head of the PwC Switzerland Digital Accelerator. One of his main responsibilities is to accelerate PwC’s use of technology to automate the core business and be on the forefront of the clients’ digital agenda. Frederik has 13+ years’ experience working with global organisations. His areas of expertise include: Digital Transformation, Innovation & Business Case Development, CRM & Data Analytics, External Asset Management front facing applications & support applications, Change Management, Trading and Trading Infrastructure.