Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance Insights – Part 1

Do you have an opinion on executive pay? Everyone else does! The debate is emotionally charged, but how well informed is it? Every year, PwC endeavours to fuel a better-founded conversation by presenting one of the most detailed studies of board and executive remuneration in Switzerland. Next out is the eleventh edition of Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance Insights, covering the largest listed Swiss companies from 2007 to 2016.

Our research is designed to inform and stimulate dialogue on the hot issue of top management pay. It shows how pay levels have developed over time, how they compare between industries, where trends in pay structure are headed, and whether there’s a connection between pay and performance. It gives insights into the performance criteria that are relevant for determining pay, and how companies can best communicate these issues with shareholders, employees, the media and society at large.

This year’s outcomes are being issued in a number of shorter Insights 2017 releases. Each focuses on a specific issue, though we invite you to read them together to get a unique breadth of perspective. Please note that the longer studies from prior years remain available online.

Insights 2017, part 1 (released October 2017):
The level of compensation of CEOs, other executives and chairs and other board members at Swiss listed companies: valuable insights for board members and executives seeking the right quantum of compensation.

Insights 2017, part 2 (November 2017):
Do Swiss executives get paid for performance? Insights to help board members and executives benchmark the situation in their own companies.

Insights 2017, part 3 (December 2017):
New methods of pay design and an analysis of the demands of shareholders in the upcoming annual general meeting season: analysis to help companies prepare for communication with shareholders.






We look forward to engaging in dialogue with you.

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Robert Kuipers

Robert Kuipers
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Robert is a Partner in the People and Organisation Consulting department in Zurich and is head of Consulting in Switzerland. He has more than 20 years’ working experience in the field of human resource advisory, specialising in corporate governance, reward and total compensation design.

He is a member of the PwC Global Reward Leadership team and a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences. In addition, he is a member of the PwC partner pension fund and of the investment committee. Robert is co-author of PwC Switzerland’s annual “Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance” survey .