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The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) emerged in the wake of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. At the Los Cabos Summit in June 2012, the G20 members approved a system for the unique identification of financial market players (Global Legal Entity Identifier System, GLEIS) to make it easier for both the private sector and public authorities to manage and control risks in the financial market. This system allows financial institutions to identify companies that are active on the financial market by way of a globally unique identifier.

During its 4 December 2015 session, the Swiss Federal Council voted that Switzerland adopt the GLEIS. It is hoped that this internationally standardised identification number for financial market participants will improve the quality of financial data and facilitate the assessment of systemic risks.

The focus of this paper lies on following topics:
  • How did the LEI come about?
  • What is an LEI?
  • Who needs an LEI?
  • Is an LEI the same for all asset classes?
  • How do I obtain an LEI?
  • What does the LEI mean for you?

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