Disclose 27, Focus piece 1: High-Performing Teams

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«It takes people, digital technologies and trust to achieve top performance.»

Reading our latest issue of Disclose (disclose.pwc.ch/27/) you’re sure to get an adrenaline rush as we investigate a topic with particularly close connections to sport: high-performing organisations.

Focus piece 1 gives you an insight into the topic High-Performing Teams:

High-Performing Teams: Teams bring out the best in everyone

If you want to make the pace you have to set yourself high standards and give your very best performance. Many business leaders wonder if it’s possible to achieve this with their current crew. We believe it is. There’s more to a good team than the abilities of its individual members. By building trust, bringing people closer together, introducing and promoting a healthy culture of debate, and ensuring that everyone clearly recognises the common objective and the contribution they can make towards it, you can exploit this potential – and harness the power of high-performing teams for the benefit of your business.

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Charles Donkor

Charles Donkor

Charles Donkor
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Charles Donkor is Human Capital Partner at PwC Zurich. Charles has over seventeen years experience working for multinational consulting firms advising clients on strategic and operational HR topics. His main focus areas are HR Strategy, Talent Analytics/Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent and Leadership Development as well as organisational effectiveness.

Prior of joining PwC, Charles has worked eight years for a global HR consulting and outsourcing company. He was responsible for the Talent & Organization Consulting practice in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.