IFRS News March 2018

Our latest IFRS News contains some information about transition requirements when applying IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17, IFRS Interpretations committee agenda decisions and more.

Adopting IFRS or preparing a transaction document? You may be subject to different transition requirements when applying IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17

Read more about the issue and and the impact – IFRS News – March 2018

IFRS Interpretations committee agenda decision on the presentation of interest revenue for certain financial instruments

The IFRS Interpretations Committee has concluded that the line item “interest revenue” can contain only interest income on assets that are measured at amortised cost or fair value through other comprehensive income (subject to the effect of applying hedge accounting to derivatives in designated hedge relationships).

IFRS News – March 2018

Cannon street press

The March 2018 IASB Update has been published and the work plan updated.

IFRS News – March 2018

Disclose – PwC’s online magazine

Reading our latest issue of Disclose you’re sure to get an adrenaline rush as we investigate a topic with particularly close connections to sport: high-performing organisations.

Also in this edition of the Disclose you can read more about “IFRS: the impact of IFRS 15 on your financial statements prepared under the Swiss Code of Obligations”.

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