EMEA Webcast: US Tax Reform practical guidance for European Multinationals – Episode 1: US Tax Reform and Tax Accounting Implications

Impact of US Tax Reform on European Multinationals

 Wednesday, 10 January, 4.00- 5.00 pm CET

On December 22 2017, President Trump signed the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017’ (2017 Act) marking the completion of the U.S. tax reform legislative process.

The 2017 Act will have a significant impact for European multinationals. In a series of three webcast sessions we will focus on the areas of the 2017 Act likely to have the biggest impact on European Multinationals:

  • Episode 1: US Tax Reform and Tax Accounting Implications
  • Episode 2: US Tax Reform Base Erosion Measures, focus on interest deductibility and base erosion and anti-avoidance tax (BEAT)
  • Episode 3: US Tax Reform Outbound Measures, focus on CFC rules and participation exemption

PwC specialists will provide insights and practical guidance on these key topics, focusing on what they mean for European Multinationals.

The first session, on Wednesday 10 January, will focus on the tax accounting implications of the 2017 Act and we will be joined by specialists from our tax accounting and assurance teams to discuss the key considerations for European groups, including specific consideration for IFRS.

Speakers for this webcast will include:

  • Monica Cohen-Dumani – Partner, International Tax Services, EMEA ITS Leader, PwC Switzerland
  • Graham Partner – Director, Tax Reporting & Strategy, PwC UK
  • Steven Mendez – Director, US Desk Leader, PwC Switzerland
  • Tom Patten – Partner, US Tax, PwC UK
  • Bernard Moens – US International Inbound Tax Services Leader, PwC US

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