Family business – Passing the torch and detecting intellectual property opportunities

Family Business - Receiving the torch and detecting IP opportunities
Capture your family business’ intellectual property to generate new opportunities.

As a broader term, intellectual property (‘IP’) comprises trademarks (brand protection), patents (invention protection) copyright (original work protection, e.g. literary and artistic work), designs (product appearance protection), confidential information and know-how. Regardless of their activities, family businesses always have one or more of the above IP rights. In particular, a family business’ brand is its most valuable asset. A brand is built up over the long term and conveys the core values of the family, becoming an integral part of the business, its success and its reputation. There are many examples of well-known family businesses with strong links between the families’ goodwill and their business’ brand. The families’ core purposes, identities, statements and principle business goals become the building blocks of theirbrand values.

Family business and brand heritage

In the context of the transfer of a family business to the next generation, intellectual property is a central matter. PwC’s IP Department has the expertise to assist the next generation in addressing challenges and strategic questions such as:

  • understanding the value of your family business’ IP and preserving the legacy
  • defining your family business brand identity and ensuring consumers’ perception of the family’s brand
  • defining IP ownership in the family by verifying ownership documentation
  • understanding each legal category of your business’ IP and analysing what can be done to maximise value with regards to each category
  • establishing ‘best practices’ on how to use the IP to create value for the family business
  • recognising new business opportunities and different applications of the IP by remaining open to and thriving on innovation
  • looking at the changing environment as a challenge rather than a threat


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What every startup should know about trademarks

As a startup, entrepreneurs spend a lot of time, energy and other resources developing a corporate name, symbols and logo. But they need to safeguard with trademarks these interlocking key elements of their business.

PwC’s dynamic IP team is highly costumer oriented and combines great technical competences together with a desire to provide quality solutions. Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, they love to invest time in understanding new business models. Learn more about their new services entirely dedicated to startups stepping on their entrepreneurial journey by clicking the image below.

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Before registering your company, we can assist you in conducting comprehensive trademark searches to check that you do not infringe another company’s trademark and domain name rights.

Our PwC IP team uses the availability searches as a creative tool, looking at who else is out there in your space with similar names; getting new ideas for names that are different and unique.

Together, we think more broadly, building up a consistent strategy for your company’s name, your house trademark and your web presence through a domain name.

We ensure trademark protection in Switzerland and abroad by registering your trademarks nationally, regionally and internationally.

Finally, we secure core domain names for your company name and for product/service brands that will resonate with customers and your overall branding strategy.

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Natascha Tsalas, IP Legal Services Geneva
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