Disclose 27, Focus piece 3: Fit for Growth – the smart way to cut costs, restructure and renew

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Reading our latest issue of Disclose (disclose.pwc.ch/27/) you’re sure to get an adrenaline rush as we investigate a topic with particularly close connections to sport: high-performing organisations.

Focus piece 3 gives you an insight into the topic Fit for Growth – the smart way to cut costs, restructure and renew

Companies across industries and geographies are realising that the only way to unleash profitable growth is to cut costs as rigorously as they concentrate on growing revenues. As with any living organism, there’s no profitable growth without equally robust pruning. To get fit enough to thrive in an increasingly tough environment, you need to focus on a small number of differentiating capabilities, align your cost structure to these capabilities, and organise for growth. In this article we look at how the world’s fittest companies have mastered these three components to achieve and maintain healthy, profitable growth – and at the principles that can enable companies in this country, to to prune their business for sustained success.

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Niklas Hoppe
Partner, Strategy& Switzerland
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Fit for Growth: or what financial services leaders striving to grow and prosper can learn from wise gardeners

Smart businesspeople, like good gardeners, realise that you have to cut back to stay strong and stimulate growth. On 1 February, a select group of financial industry leaders came to our event on Strategy&’s Fit for Growth* approach to find out how some of the world’s leading organisations have learned how to compete and flourish by pruning intelligently and channelling their resources into the strongest and most vital parts of their operation – and how they could apply this know-how to their own business.

Business leaders are actually more like commercial fruit growers than amateur gardeners: there’s a lot more at stake if your whole survival depends on making the right choices. You have to prune back to survive and compete, but if you cut back too much or in the wrong places you can destroy the whole basis of your growth and livelihood. Strategy&’s Fit for Growth framework documents some spectacular examples of companies that have got cost-cutting wrong and gone under as a result.

But the people who came to the event on Fit for Growth (FFG) were more interested in stories of how to get it right. After a welcome by Daniel Diemers, Utz Helmuth and Torsten Eistert briefly introduced the FFG methodology. On the basis of decades of helping some of the world’s leading organisations to cut costs intelligently and invest in profitability, Strategy& – PwC’s strategy consulting arm – has come up with a highly effective approach called Fit for Growth. The idea of Fit for Growth is to make deliberate, holistic choices that will enable you to

  • focus on your unique differentiating capabilities
  • align your cost structure around ‘good’ and ‘bad’ costs and redistribute costs to make room for investment in differentiation and innovation
  • harness artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to help you achieve these goals.

The event continued with a keynote speech by PwC’s European Data & Analytics Advisory Leader, Christian Kirschniak, on how data analytics and artificial intelligence can fit into the Fit for Growth approach and help businesses achieve these goals.

Participants went away with some new and valuable insights into how to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive climate – how to tread the line between cutting back too much and destroying your organisation’s vitality, and assessing your strengths so that you can prune wisely for growth and continued profitability.

*Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.


Utz Helmuth
+41 58 792 3159

Cut costs and grow stronger – Join our Fit for Growth Event

You don’t need us to tell you how tough it is to cover your costs in today’s global, digitally disintermediated financial services market, never mind post healthy profits.

What we can offer you is a proven approach to enable you to grow stronger and achieve healthy, lasting profitability.
We call this approach Fit for Growth, and it has already helped some of the world’s most prominent players get in shape to compete and flourish.

We’d like to invite you to join us and peers from the financial services industry for an evening on our Fit for Growth approach on Thursday, 1 February 2018. Basically you’ll find out how to grow stronger by making deliberate, holistic choices on where to invest in new cost-cutting technologies and where to cut costs, and in particular

  • how to focus on the unique differentiating capabilities
  • how to align your cost structure around ‘good’ and ‘bad’ costs and redistribute costs to create room to invest in differentiation and innovation
  • how artificial intelligence and other digital technologies will help you achieve these goals.

We’ll be starting the evening with a brief introduction to cost-cutting with our Fit for Growth framework, followed by a keynote speech from PwC’s European Data & Analytics Advisory Leader Christian Kirschniak on how data analytics and artificial intelligence can help you achieve these goals.

This evening will be well worth your while. We look forward to seeing you on 1 February!

Click here to register online

Please note that seats are limited.

Date and Time
Thursday, 1 February, 2018
18:00 – 19:30, followed by an apéro

Savoy Baur en Ville
Poststrasse 12
8001 Zürich

This time our new Fit for Growth* Event addresses mainly the financial service industry. In our next events we will cover other industries as well.

Utz Helmuth
+41 77 409 4571

*Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.

Fit for Growth: A Guide to Strategic Cost Cutting, Restructuring, and Renewal

Fit for Growth is a unique approach to business transformation that connects strategy with cost management and organization restructuring. Drawing on decades of strategy consulting experience and in-depth research, the experts at PwC’s Strategy& lay out a winning framework that helps CEOs and senior executives transform their organizations for sustainable, profitable growth.

This short video helps illustrate some of the key themes in the book, and takes a light-hearted look at the question: “how do you cut costs in your organization to prepare for growth?”

For more information, check out Fit For Growth, by Vinay Couto, Deniz Calgar, and John Plansky. Wiley, 2017.

Learn more: http://www.strategyand.pwc.com/ffgbook