Disclose 27, Focus piece 6: Audit 4.0, Part 2, Audit 4.0, Part 2, High-Performing Auditors

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«It takes people, digital technologies and trust to achieve top performance.»

Reading our latest issue of Disclose (disclose.pwc.ch/27/) you’re sure to get an adrenaline rush as we investigate a topic with particularly close connections to sport: high-performing organisations.

Focus piece 6 gives you an insight into the topic Audit 4.0, Part 2, High Performing Auditors:

In the wake of digital transformation there’s been a huge explosion in demand for cost-efficiency, greater security and transparency, and fact-based decision-making. This is forcing companies to realign their financial function, and revolutionising auditing – both of which are now expected to make a better-quality and more useful contribution. CFOs and auditors are morphing from backward-looking guardians of quality to data agents.

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